The Digify Africa Virtual Bootcamp 2020 for young Africans

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The Digify Africa Virtual Bootcamp 2020 for young Africans

The Digify Africa Virtual Bootcamp will run for four weeks, with 3 x two-hour sessions/week. Before signing up, please ensure that you have internet access as well as access to a computer/laptop. Digify Virtual Bootcamp classes can be attended on your smart device, but you will need a computer/laptop to write the exam. Digify Africa offers a range of digital skills training programmes for job seekers, entrepreneurs, teens, parents and educators.


  • 9 Nov-4 Dec 2020 Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:00 – 20:00 

Learn virtually. Anywhere. Learn via Digify Virtual Bootcamps. 

It’s never been easier to learn when you can do it anywhere. Virtually. The as Digify Virtual Bootcamps offer a deep dive into all the information you’ll need to prepare you for the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate Exam.

And because we know studying’s no fun when you’re alone, you’ll have a study leader and be in a group with fellow learners for extra motivation and support. There’ll also be offline activities as well as a practice exam to ensure that you’re prepared and ready to write the official certification exam.

The Bootcamps are ideal for students, entry level marketers or small business owners – and attendance is free

How to get certified.

Once you’ve done your training, getting certified is simple:

 Ensure you have access to a reliable laptop/computer and internet connection to write the exam.
In order to get the certification, the proctored exam will need to be completed. Please note that there will be an associated cost of up to $150 (this differs from country to country) but Facebook will offer bursaries to students who pass the practice exam.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Digify Africa Virtual Bootcamp 2020

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