The Music Department at Pittsburgh State University Scholarship Program in 2020

If you are a talented musician and you are interested in pursuing a path that will lead you to a successful career in the entertainment industry, then we have some amazing news to share with you. Pittsburgh State University is one of the best academic institutions in all of the United States and it is offering scholarship positions to undergraduate students. The Music Department at Pittsburgh State University wants to attract undergraduate students who are talented musicians for the 2020 academic year that starts this Fall. However, getting into this scholarship program is not going to be an easy task. All interested students will need to showcase their skills.

The Music Department at Pittsburgh State University is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) and it averages 100 music majors and 40 minors per semester. This makes Pittsburgh State University the perfect place for musicians who want to learn more and master their craft.

The Music Department at Pittsburgh State University Scholarship Program in 2020: Benefits

Awards are based on the individual’s performance ability and the need for various areas of expertise within the department. Not just that, but the awarded students will also get the chance to perform in large ensembles, opera productions, and the Solo and Chamber Music Series.

This opportunity is helping students get the exposure that they need in order to become successful. To make things even better, students will also benefit from Participation Awards that are worth $400-winds; $500 drumline/colorguard; and $250-pep band.

The Music Department at Pittsburg State University Scholarship Program in 2020: Criteria

Students from all over the world are encouraged to apply for this scholarship program. However, the criteria are that they all need to be a current or upcoming student of the Department of Music. As previously mentioned, the applicants also need to showcase their skills and only the most outstanding ones are accepted.

“Qualified students may audition for scholarships on all wind, brass, percussion, woodwind, string and keyboard instruments, and voice. Music scholarship amounts are determined by the faculty of the area in which the student auditions,” states the scholarship program’s official website.

Official Letter and Deadline

We are advising all interested students to CLICK HERE and access the official website of the Music Department at Pittsburgh State University Scholarship Program where they will find all the additional information that they need. The deadline is February 21, 2020.

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